Open Rhinoplasty in Annapolis, MD

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As the most central feature on your face, your nose plays an important part in your overall appearance. Whether you are dissatisfied with the shape and size of your nose or have experienced a traumatic injury that requires reconstruction, an open rhinoplasty in Annapolis can help address your cosmetic concerns and increase your overall self-confidence.

A rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a nose job, can also repair functional issues with your nose, such as a deviated septum, to allow easier and more comfortable breathing. Schedule a consultation at our office with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Namita Murthy to learn more about this procedure and how it can benefit you.

What Is the Difference Between an Open and Closed Rhinoplasty?

The upper structure of your nose, closest to the bridge, is bone, while the lower part is cartilage. During rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Murthy can change the shape of the bone, cartilage, skin, or all three. We work closely with you to ensure your new nose is natural-looking and works well with your other facial features.

Part of our personalized approach means choosing between an open or closed rhinoplasty.

In our Annapolis, MD clinic, Dr. Murthy performs an open rhinoplasty when your nose requires more significant reshaping; examples of this include when reducing or building up the existing cartilage or addressing the size or shape of the tip of your nose. During an open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made in the soft tissue that separates the nostrils, allowing Dr. Murthy full access to the underlying tissue.

During a closed rhinoplasty, all incisions and reshaping are done within the nostrils. This technique is more appropriate for minor corrections and reshaping, since it does not allow for as much access and visibility as an open rhinoplasty. The procedure is less invasive, so there is typically less swelling and you may have a shorter recovery time.

What Does an Open Rhinoplasty Treat?

The appearance of your nose goes a long way in providing balance and symmetry to the rest of your features and your face as a whole. Open rhinoplasty surgery in Annapolis, MD addresses several aesthetic concerns regarding your nose, including:

  • Bumps on the bridge or a crooked bridge
  • Nostrils that are too large
  • Disproportionate size
  • A bulbous, hooked, or upturned tip

An open rhinoplasty also addresses functional issues with your nose that may cause difficulty breathing, such as a deviated septum, enlarged sinuses, other forms of obstruction, or swelling and congestion (rhinophyma) caused by severe rosacea.

During an initial consultation, Dr. Murthy will thoroughly review your health history, cosmetic concerns, and facial structure to customize your nasal surgery to suit your unique needs. In some instances, she may recommend alternative or additional treatments, such as a non-surgical nose job (if you are not ready for an invasive procedure) or chin augmentation surgery (if a weak chin is making your nose appear larger than it is).

What Is Recovery Like for an Open Rhinoplasty?

Throughout the process of having an open rhinoplasty procedure in Annapolis, MD, you also have direct access to Dr. Murthy via a text messaging system; she will quickly and easily address any questions or concerns you have prior to surgery or during the healing process.

On the day of your procedure, our concierge practice offers car service if you do not have a friend or family member who can drive you to our clinic. Once you have arrived, our team offers you pre and postoperative instructions to ensure a smooth recovery.

An open rhinoplasty takes one to three hours, depending on the extensiveness of the surgery. Immediately afterward, your nose may feel congested, and you will have splints inside and outside the area to help support and protect your new nasal structure. Dr. Murthy typically removes these after one week, but she may ask you to wear a protective device during sleep for the first few weeks.

Most swelling and discomfort should subside by the end of the first week, and you can likely return to work and most of your daily activities. You should avoid strenuous activities and exercise for at least four weeks or as directed by Dr. Murthy.

While you will notice an immediate transformation in your appearance, your nasal structures will continue to heal over the next several months.

Schedule a Consultation for an Open Rhinoplasty in Annapolis, MD

Feeling comfortable and confident with your appearance significantly affects your overall wellness. Because rhinoplasty is such a complex procedure, choosing the right plastic surgeon to perform your surgery is vital to preserving your health and achieving the best results. Dr. Murthy’s extensive training and years of specialized focus on facial surgery ensure your transformation exceeds your expectations. Let our team help you achieve your idea of the “perfect nose” with an open rhinoplasty in Annapolis, MD. Call today.