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Annapolis Hair Restoration Hair Restoration in Annapolis, MD

Are you watching your hairline receding? Does it seem like there is more hair in the shower drain and in your brush than on the top of your head?

By the time men turn 50, 85% will have some obvious hair loss. And women make up about half of the population dealing with hair loss in the United States. There are so many solutions on the market, but most of them do little more than cost you money. Hair restoration in Annapolis, MD from Dr. Namita Murthy is a solution that can give you long-term results.



There are several ways to deal with hair loss. Although most shampoos and supplements will not provide the results you hope for, there are some that can provide obvious results if used when you first notice hair loss.


Androgen-dependent medications affect a hormone that is believed to add to the incidence of male pattern baldness. After three months of use, hair growth increases. This type of medication cannot be used by women.

Androgen-independent medications assist in the regrowth of hair in some patients. These medications dilate small blood vessels which appear to stimulate hair growth. This type of medication can be used by both men and women.

Supplements & Shampoos

There are also some supplements and shampoos that may provide strength and health to your hair and scalp. There are no clinical studies that show that these can restore lost hair, but they may be beneficial to those who have not started the thinning process.

However, if your follicles have stopped producing hair or have become inactive, or if you have significant hair loss, these medications will do little to give you the appearance you want.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Some years ago, hair plugs were the common treatment. In these treatments, the surgeon would take round sections of skin and hair follicles from the back of the head and insert them into the bald sections. There have been significant improvements in hair transplants, creating much more natural results. The Hair Restoration procedures take considerably less time, too.

Dr. Murthy specializes in providing a natural appearance with surgical hair restoration or hair transplantation. There are two modern surgical hair transplant procedures:

  • FUT (or FUSS) – Follicular Unit Transplant or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery – In this procedure, the surgeon will remove a strip of skin from the side or back of the head or in some cases, the back, chest, or chin. The incision at the donor site is then stitched up. The strip of skin is separated into follicular units with one or more hair follicles. Those units are then inserted into the area being treated.
  • FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction – In this procedure, the surgeon uses a tiny tool to remove the follicles from an area with ample hair and then inserts them into the balding area. Stitches are usually not needed.

In Annapolis hair restoration surgery is available from Dr. Namita Murthy. She can help you restore your youthful head of hair, eliminating bald spots.



When you meet with Dr. Namita Murthy, the two of you will determine if you are a good candidate for hair restoration in Annapolis at her clinic.

The best candidates are men who have been dealing with male pattern baldness for more than five years, men and women who have lost hair due to trauma. You will need to have healthy hair growth on the donor sites. Most women dealing with hair loss are not usually good candidates in that most women usually do not have balding; they experience overall thinning of the hair.

Benefits of a Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be caused by factors such as aging, a change in hormones, or a family history of baldness. Hair restoration can counteract these influences by reducing the appearance of baldness and providing a fuller head of hair.




Prior to any treatment, Dr. Murthy will discuss what you hope to see after the procedure. You will explain your aesthetic goals and your lifestyle. She will analyze the condition of your scalp. She will analyze your hair growth and your future hair loss pattern. She will also take into consideration how fast you are losing your hair. She will determine the best donor sites to harvest follicles. All these considerations are necessary to achieve a natural result.


In hair restoration surgery, you will likely be given an injection to numb the back of your head. If the FUT method is used, Dr. Murthy will remove a strip of skin from the back of your head and close the incision. This area will be hidden by the hair around it. She will then divide the strip into hundreds of tiny sections. The amount will depend on the type of hair you have and the size of the area where the transplant will be.

Additional Reading

With the FUE technique, a portion of the back of your head will be shaved, and Dr. Murthy will remove individual hair follicles. There will be tiny dots in the donor area, covered easily with your existing hair.

Dr. Murthy will clean the treatment area and make it numb. She will create slits with a scalpel or needle. These groups of hair follicles or individual ones will be placed in these small slits. Depending on the size of the treatment area, the procedure usually takes four to eight hours.

In most cases, several sessions will be necessary to achieve the fullness you want. A healing time of several months will be needed between the sessions.


Dr. Murthy will outline your post-surgical care. She will discuss with you what to expect and to call if you have any concerns. She will bandage your scalp, and you will be scheduled for follow-up visits. For some of the best Hair Restoration Annapolis doctor, Anita Murthy knows how to perform.




Recovery is different for each patient and depends on the amount of treatment done.

You can expect your scalp to be tender. You may be prescribed antibiotics and pain medication for several days. You will need to avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks. Most people can return to normal activities a few days after the surgery. In about two to three weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out. However, new growth will appear within a few months.

What Will Hair Restoration Accomplish?

Your hair will look fuller and healthier. Bald spots will be less visible or will be eliminated, depending on the location. Many patients report feeling more self-confident. Remember that hair restoration can only accomplish so much, but the effects will be noticeable. If you want more dramatic results, Dr. Murthy can recommend additional procedures. In Annapolis hair restoration performed by Dr. Namita Murthy can help you achieve the head of hair you had when you were younger.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Namita Murthy for Hair Restoration?


Dr. Namita Murthy is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. She brings her ten years of experience to personalize the treatment that works for your hair. She is focused on producing natural results. Contact Dr. Murthy for a consultation on hair transplants and hair restoration in Annapolis, MD.