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That Plump Pout is One Of The Most Sought-After Facial Improvements Today


From the Kardashians to Hollywood stars, lip augmentation is the style. If you follow the Instagram of any fashion model, you may start to notice the thinness of your own lips and wish for the same volume and fullness you see on others. Lip fillers in Annapolis, MD are available from Dr. Namita Murthy may give you those perfectly shaped lips.

WHAT IS Lip Filler?


Lip filler is an injectable substance, most commonly hyaluronic acid, carefully placed into the soft tissue of your lips to restore and add volume and symmetry. The material used in these fillers is similar to the naturally occurring sugar derivative found in your own tissues.

Inside the hyaluronic acid are collagen and elastin, the two proteins that give your skin its shape and ability to bounce back. As we age, we lose these substances. Lines start to form around our lips and the lips themselves become thinner. Lip fillers can restore lips to their youthful look.

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And because our tissues are filled with it, the use of hyaluronic acid reduces the possibility of allergic reactions. You may have seen the results of overfilling on some people’s lips. The treatment of lip augmentation has improved considerably over the last few years. In addition, having a trained facial specialist like. Dr. Namita Murthy ensures that the lip filler will be done carefully ensuring a natural, yet improved appearance. In Annapolis lip filler is available from Dr. Murthy.

Benefits of Lip Filler

Having lip filler treatments is a noninvasive way to improve your appearance. Full lips have always been considered attractive and desirable. Lip augmentation with today’s lip fillers allows you to obtain the size and shape you want for your lips. If you want plumper ones, more filler can be used, or you can have multiple appointments to fill them gradually. Lip enhancement can also correct any asymmetry in your lips. You will find Dr. Murthy, an experienced doctor who knows how to achieve the results you want if you are looking for lip filler in Annapolis. She is an American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship-trained and board-eligible physician.



When you meet with Dr. Murthy, the two of you will discuss how you want your lips to look.

Dr. Murthy will examine your face and skin, determine how much lip filler is needed and talk to you about what to anticipate. She may advise you to plan for several appointments so that you can build your lips gradually. There are other treatments that may provide results more ideal for you. One of these is fat transfer. In this procedure, fat tissue is taken from another part of your body, usually your abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. It is purified and then injected into your lips.

What to Expect During Treatment with Lip Filler

Hyaluronic injections come mixed with lidocaine which is a numbing medication. You may also be given a topical anesthetic or a nerve block similar to what you would have at the dentist. Dr. Murthy will inject the fillers into your lips using a very thin needle. You will feel a tiny prick or pressure, but any discomfort should be tolerable. Ice may be used before and after the injections to reduce swelling. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. Fat injections are performed under local anesthetic as well and may take an hour or more since the fat has to be harvested from one site before lip injection takes place.




You should notice a difference immediately. You may have some minor swelling and tenderness but only for a day or two. The recovery from the fat transfer will probably not be much longer. It will depend on the patient though. Results are dependent on your metabolism and the product used. You will see your fuller lips for six months to a year or longer. You may want a dermal filler booster after six months. A fat transfer will last much longer.

Why Should I Choose
Dr. Namita Murthy for Lip Filler?

Dr. Namita Murthy is a talented plastic surgeon with a feminine aesthetic eye who will listen to your hopes for your appearance. She focuses on achieving a natural appearance that will result in your ideal self. Your lips will be Instagram-worthy. Contact Dr. Murthy for lip filler in Annapolis, MD.

What Will Lip Filler Accomplish?


With lip enhancement, you can get soft, pillowy volume in both your bottom and top lips.

Lines in your lips may be less visible and the ones around your lips will diminish. If you have smoked in the past, those vertical lines should be less obvious. Your lips will have a more youthful look and that perfect, plump pout will be yours. You may notice a more balanced appearance both in your lips as well as in proportion to other facial features. Annapolis lip filler provided by Dr. Namita Murthy can reduce the signs of aging. an asset to your overall look