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You Have Seen The Look That’s Taken Over Social Media: Overfilled Lips.


You would like to have a fuller smile, but the fear of that plastic look and the idea of having to go for frequent injections does not sound like a solution for you. If you are in Annapolis, MD, a subnasal lip lift from facial plastic surgeon Dr. Namita Murthy can reduce the space between your nose and lips and make your lips look fuller.

What Is a Subnasal LIP LIFT?


subnasal lip lift (sometimes referred to as a bullhorn lip lift) is a surgical procedure that shortens the space between your nose and the top of your lip, or the philtrum. This space increases with age and can make your lips appear thinner. This procedure involves making a bullhorn-shaped incision below the nose, removing the excess skin, and suturing your philtrum at a higher position.

This exposes more “pink” of the lip without adding protruding volume, and even includes a step to lift the corners of the mouth. The result is a permanent, natural-looking smile that lipstick or injectable fillers cannot duplicate. Subnasal Lip Lifts in Annapolis are performed by Dr. Namita Murthy, a facial plastic surgeon, fellowship-trained by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Murthy is a talented and highly trained surgeon who cares about helping you reach your beauty goals.

Benefits of a Subnasal LIP LIFT


Time and gravity take their toll on our mouths. The lips get thinner, and the corners start to turn down.

For older patients, a subnasal lip lift can increase the amount of pink in your upper lip, resulting in a more youthful appearance. More of your top teeth will show when you smile, which fillers cannot achieve. For younger patients who are tired of repeat injections of filler, a lip lift can be a permanent solution.


Subnasal Lip Lift AND OTHER


When you meet with Dr. Namita Murthy, the two of you will determine if you are a good candidate for a subnasal lip lift in Annapolis. You will need to be in good overall health.

If you smoke, you will need to quit before and after the surgery to ensure proper healing. Dr. Murthy will also discuss other treatments that may be right for you if you are not a good candidate for a subnasal lip lift. Lip fillers (when done correctly) can temporarily create plumper lips. A subnasal lip lift, however, is permanent. Fat transfer may also be an option.

What to Expect During Subnasal Lip Lift Surgery

Before any treatment, Dr. Murthy will discuss how you want your lips to look after the surgery.

She will also talk about any other facial treatment that might be complementary to the subnasal lip lift. She will review your medical history and discuss the recovery and expected results. In a subnasal lip lift surgery, you will likely be given a local anesthetic to block the pain.

Dr. Murthy will then make the bullhorn incision around the bottom of your nose. She will remove a few millimeters of skin, depending on the existing space between the base of your nose and the top of the pink part of your upper lip. The next step is to lift the upper lift by closing the incision in layers. The procedure usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

What is Recovery Like After a Subnasal Lip Lift?


Dr. Murthy will explain your post-surgical care. She will discuss with you what to expect, how to care for the incisions and will stress that you should contact her if you have any concerns.

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to check on your healing progress. Pain medication and cold compresses over the upper lip can be used to alleviate any swelling and pain. You may have some stiffness, numbness, and mild pain, and will want to avoid making over-expressive movements to avoid straining the incision line. Additionally, avoiding strenuous exercise for a few weeks is important. If you smoke, you will want to quit before your surgery and wait until your recovery is complete before considering smoking again. You may want to wait after you heal up a bit to venture out, but makeup can be applied after the first week to hide any scarring. The scars are hidden meticulously at the base of the nose and tend to disappear within a year. Dr. Murthy strives to give her Annapolis, MD Lip Lift patients the best results, and therefore the best recovery possible.

Your Subnasal Lip Lift Results

Before any treatment, Dr. Murthy will discuss how you want your lips to look after the surgery. Your subnasal lip lift surgery will create a more harmonious lip shape and decrease the length between the bottom of your nose and the pink part of your lip, resulting in a natural, youthful look. Your lips will look plumper without the exaggerated look that filler can sometimes produce. This is a permanent solution for lips that have lost their fullness.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Namita Murthy For a Subnasal Lip Lift?


Subnasal lip lift surgery is offered by Dr. Namita Murthy who focuses on creating a natural look. Your results will have you proud of your smile.

Dr. Namita Murthy is board certified by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. She is conscientious and careful and highly skilled in facial plastic surgery. To determine how to achieve that perfect smile, contact Dr. Murthy for a consultation on a subnasal lip lift in Annapolis, MD.