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Microneedling in Annapolis, MDWouldn't it be wonderful to have smooth, silky skin again?

Youthful Skin

Getting back that luminosity you had when you were younger, when the wrinkles and fine lines hadn't shown up yet, would be a dream come true. But you've tried serums and lotions and chemical peels. They didn't accomplish what you had hoped. There is a treatment that can restore the texture and appearance you want, provided by top Annapolis facial plastic surgeon Dr. Namita Murthy, fellowship-trained and board eligible by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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What Is Microneedling?

Reduce the signs of aging

Our skin contains connective tissue. When we are young, this tissue has large amounts of elastin and collagen in hyaluronic acid. Elastin provides strength and resilience for our skin.

Collagen provides structure and support. Over time, these substances break down and we don’t produce as much as we may need to rejuvenate our skin. The lack of these necessary building blocks results in fine lines and wrinkles, visible scars, discoloration, and changes in texture.

At Murthy Facial Plastic Surgery in Annapolis microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that can reduce the signs of aging and bring back the radiance you had before the consequences of environment and time. Microneedling is a process, sometimes referred to as collagen induction therapy, that pricks the skin with tiny, sterilized needles. These small punctures stimulate your healing process. Collagen and elastin production is increased which helps to improve the overall look and texture of your skin.

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One technique that can be added to microneedling is the use of platelet-rich plasma or PRP. In this method, blood is drawn from your arm and placed into a machine that separates out the platelets. The blood containing a concentration of platelets is then injected into your skin through the microneedling process. In some cases, the PRP is applied topically. This type of treatment is also referred to as a “vampire facial.” The addition of PRP can boost the effects of microneedling and may improve healing and decrease the amount of downtime.

If you are looking for Microneedling in Annapolis, Dr. Namita Murthy can help you achieve your cosmetic goals whether through the traditional process or by adding PRP.

Benefits of Microneedling

Reduce signs of aging

Microneedling can reduce signs of aging.

If you have scars from acne or trauma, enlarged pores, patches of rough skin, dark spots from age or the sun, fine lines, or wrinkles, in Annapolis microneedling from Murthy Facial Plastic Surgery can be an ideal solution. It is safe for all skin colors and is usually less expensive than laser treatments.

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Our SkinPen Microneedling Technology

Murthy Facial Plastic Surgery in Annapolis offers the latest microneedling technology, called SkinPen. SkinPen is the first and only FDA-cleared microneedling device, is safe, and works for all skin tones and types.


SkinPen allows the team at Murthy Facial Plastic Surgery to provide 30-minute treatments - the pen has a quick treatment rate and makes microscopic holes, or microchannels, allowing your skin to heal faster. When you have Microneedling done with SkinPen at Murthy Facial Plastic Surgery, there are three steps you can look forward to:

  1. Inflammation - As the microscopic holes are created, your skin’s immune system is activated. Your immune system starts disinfecting the microscopic wounds. During this step, debris is removed, your blood flow increases, and your skin naturally creates new tissue.
  2. Proliferation - Naturally, your skin jumps into action. New cells and collagen begin to regenerate, as well as new blood vessels.
  3. Remodeling - Your skin rebuilds, making you look younger. This is all due to the microscopic wounds being replaced with new dermal tissues, blood vessels, and collagen.


Our experts make the process of microneedling with SkinPen easy for each patient. Before the treatment starts, your skin will be cleaned, and topical anesthesia will be added to help reduce discomfort during treatment. Before applying SkinPen to your skin, a lift hydrogel will be applied to help glide the Microneedling device across your skin. Then the SkinPen device is used, creating microscopic channels to kickstart your skin’s natural healing process.

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With Skinpen Microneedling Annapolis patients can enjoy these benefits:

  • SkinPen is an in-office procedure
  • SkinPen works to heal your skin from the inside, out
  • SkinPen microneedling treatments are quick and easy, usually lasting around 30 minutes
  • Your Microneedling treatment plan may contain one to three SkinPen treatment sessions
  • There is little to no downtime after SkinPen treatments. Patients usually return to their normal activities after one day.
  • You will enjoy younger-looking skin
  • SkinPen reduces the appearance of acne scars and wrinkles
  • You will enjoy improved skin texture and smoothness


After your treatment, you can expect to see some redness or inflammation for about 24 to 72 hours. A majority of SkinPen Microneedling patients see improvement in their skin in as little as 30 days. Your skin goes back in time to reset to a younger-looking appearance.

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Microneedling and Other Treatments

Meet with Dr. Murthy

When you meet with Dr. Murthy, the two of you will discuss what results you hope to see with microneedling.

Depending on what areas you want to be treated and the improvements you want, she may discuss other treatments. In addition to or in place of Microneedling, laser resurfacing, IPL Photofacial, or plasma skin resurfacing may be indicated. Some patients get dermal fillers along with microneedling to get immediate results. Your choice may depend on the area needing treatment, how much enhancement you want, and the amount of downtime you can afford.

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What to Expect During Microneedling

After discussing the goals for your appearance, Dr. Murthy will first examine your face and skin. She will determine whether platelet-rich plasma will be a helpful addition to the microneedling treatment.

If PRP is the choice, blood will be drawn from your arm and taken to a lab. The tube of blood will be placed in a centrifuge which will separate your blood into its components. The layer with a high concentration of platelets will be collected. Then the platelet-rich blood will be injected into your skin using a microneedling device. The microneedling process is begun with a numbing cream applied to your skin.

The Microneedling tool uses tiny needles to create cuts in your skin causing some bleeding. At this point, PRP may be injected or massaged into the skin. Dr. Murthy may also inject filler to provide more immediate results. After the procedure is complete, Dr. Murthy may use a cream or serum. She will then explain your follow-up care which will include minimizing sun exposure and using gentle facial care products to extend the benefits of the treatment.

What to Expect After Microneedling

See the results

With microneedling, you may have some pain after the treatment. You may need two days to a week of downtime. The area treated may appear as if you have a mild sunburn. It will take some time to see the results like the increase in collagen will happen over time.

You will want to avoid any activity that causes excessive sweating until the skin has healed. Microneedling with PRP may reduce the length of time needed for healing. In either method, you may need additional visits to achieve the results you want. Improvements from microneedling usually last three to six months. Some patients schedule quarterly visits to maintain their improved appearance.

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What Will Microneedling Accomplish?

Your Annapolis Microneedling treatment provided by Dr. Namita Murthy will decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scars, dark spots, and sun damage. In addition, it can increase skin elasticity and minimize the size of your pores.

Why Should I ChooseDr. Namita Murthy for Microneedling?

providing a natural appearance

Dr. Namita Murthy is focused on providing a natural appearance that helps you become your ideal self. She brings her ten years of facial plastic surgery to every procedure. If you need microneedling in Annapolis, especially if you want PRP, meet with Dr. Murthy for assistance.

When you are confident, it shows. Not just in your behavior or your vibe, but in all you do.

If you are self-conscious about a particular area of your body, that shows as well. Imagine the freedom that comes with not worrying about your look when you make your way through life; the freedom of knowing you are putting your best self out there. That is the aesthetics of confidence.