Non-Surgical Facelift in Annapolis, MD

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Some of the first signs of aging commonly appear on the face and neck. Fine lines, wrinkles, a loss of facial volume, and sagging skin can all adversely affect your self-esteem as well as your appearance.

When you do not feel as old as you look and want a minimally invasive option to help restore your skin’s youthfulness, you may benefit from a non-surgical facelift in Annapolis. Performed by our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Namita Murthy, this treatment can help you rediscover your confidence with little to no downtime. Reach out to our office to schedule your consultation to learn more.

What Does a Non-Surgical Facelift Treat?

A number of factors affect the rate at which your body begins to show the signs of aging, including genetics, UV exposure, diet, and lifestyle. The goal of most non-surgical facelifts is to reduce or eliminate concerns such as:

  • Dull skin
  • Shadows around the eyes
  • Loss of volume in the lips and cheeks
  • Skin laxity, including the appearance of “jowls”
  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, nose, and forehead

You can expect the results of your non-surgical facelift in our Annapolis clinic to be natural while still providing a noticeable improvement in your overall appearance.

What Is Included in a Non-Surgical Facelift?

The treatments Dr. Muthy recommends for a non-surgical facelift in Annapolis vary depending on your cosmetic concerns, aesthetic goals, and overall anatomy. Some of the non-surgical or minimally invasive options we often suggest include:

Cosmetic Injectables

Injections such as BOTOX® and Jeuveau® help relax the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. The most common place to get these injections is between your eyebrows, across your forehead, or at the corners of your eyes. Dermal fillers, including Restylane® and other hyaluronic acid or gel-based products, add volume to your cheeks and lips, filling deep wrinkles. For some people, fillers can even address facial scarring.

Facial Fat Grafting

Also called an autologous fat graft, facial fat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure during which Dr. Murthy uses liposuction to remove fat cells from one area of your body, processes them, and injects them into the areas of your face that may require extra volume, such as your cheeks, below your eyes, and above your lips. The results last longer than dermal fillers and may help promote collagen production.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use a chemical solution to exfoliate the outer layers of dead skin cells, dirt, and pollution. They effectively treat sun damage, age spots, scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles. Depending on your concerns, different levels of depth or intensities of peels are available.

Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Plasma skin resurfacing combines inert nitrogen gas and high-frequency waves to create micro-injuries to your skin, triggering your body’s natural healing response: creating more collagen and elastin. Plasma skin resurfacing enhances your results by using your own blood to treat your skin with platelet-rich plasma.


Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation procedure that utilizes a handheld device to gently remove the outer layers of your skin. It can help reduce the appearance of mild scars, mild hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.

Microneedling and Morpheus 8

During the microneedling procedure, Dr. Murthy uses a handheld device with tiny needles to create minute wounds. The process stimulates collagen and elastin growth, addressing mildly loose skin, wrinkles, sun damage, and large pores. Morpheus 8 takes microneedling a step further by combining this process with radiofrequency technology to promote more vibrant, refined skin.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Patients in our Annapolis clinic who experience a non-surgical facelift often find the procedure has made them appear more natural and youthful. While these procedures can reverse some of the signs of aging, they do not stop the process of normal skin aging. How long your results last can depend on several factors, including your individual body chemistry as well as which treatments are a part of your non-surgical facelift.

You can prolong your results by protecting your skin from damage, including by staying hydrated, eating a nutritionally balanced diet, quitting smoking, and getting seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night. Also crucial to preserving your results is a quality skin care regimen that includes cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection. Dr. Murthy will provide you with extensive information regarding what to expect during your consultation.

Call Our Office To Schedule a Consultation for a Non-Surgical Facelift in Annapolis

At Murthy Facial Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on the attentiveness and dedication we provide each of our patients. You will always have a direct line of contact with Dr. Murthy from the beginning of your journey with us.

Let us help you look and feel your best. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and learn more about a non-surgical facelift in Annapolis.